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[jgit-dev] Kepler M7 milestone this Wednesday

the Kepler M7 milestone is approaching this Wednesday. I'll be doing the M7 build early morning on Wednesday CET. Starting 2 weeks after M7 we'll be releasing weekly RCs for 3.0 [1].

Here is a list of other relevant Kepler related dates [2]:

 May 24/2013 – Deadline to submit IP Logs for Kepler releases
 June 12/2013 – Kepler Uber Release review
 June 26/2013 – Kepler release

If there are outstanding contributions from non committers for JGit/EGit 3.0 please make sure they are applied by May 20 at the latest.

The jgit build on Hudson is currently blocked by bug [3] preventing successful
compilation of the new java7 bundles. Hopefully webmaster can resolve this soon.



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