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Re: [jgit-dev] GitHub: jgit / org.eclipse.jgit / src / org / eclipse / jgit / storage / file /

2013/2/25 Younes Labdidi <Younes.Labdidi@xxxxxx>

we are using in our development area:

- Windows XP (client)
- Eclipse(Juno) and NetBeans(v 7.2.1)(EGit / JGit)
- Samba share (Network Drive "Y" )
- etc...

we found out a bug:
org.eclipse.jgit.errors.TransportException: Cannot move pack to

We started to look after how to resolve it and we found there is
already a bug-report:

In the bug-report we've dicovred that a person named "Michal Fabry" had
written already a fix:

We integrated the fix into NetBeans (org-eclipse-jgit.jar) and our
problem was resolved!

It would be nice to know if you plan to integrate this fix in your
project and maybe when?

since most contributions come via Gerrit I didn't notice this patch,
I will look into that soon trying to include the fix.

thanks for the heads up


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