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[jgit-dev] JGit Doesn't check StrictHostKeyChecking Parameter Value in the .ssh Folder?

Hi all,

I have specified StrictHostKeyChecking parameter value as 'no' in the .ssh/config file, in Ubuntu. However, when I try to access a repository I still get the error saying UnknownHostException. Is is possible to set this programatically with JGit?

I specified not to check host key since I originally couldn't access a remote repository with the repository host's public key in my .ssh/known_hosts file. But, I could do this with a git hub repo. (added my public key to github repo and added github as a known host in my local machine). When I do the same with a different server, I get this error, UnknownHostException. How does JGit read data from the .ssh folder? Is there a possibility of JGit persisting such data so that it is using the same key even when the remote server is different?

Thanks and Regards,

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