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[jgit-dev] Fwd: Protocol Understanding


I'm the author of beanstalker (the less famous one - http://beanstalker.ingenieux.com.br/), a Maven Plugin for Publishing into AWS' Elastic Beanstalk.

Beyond S3, Elastic Beanstalk also allows users to publish to it via Git, using a proprietary extension (not documented in the AWS Docs). By looking at some sources, basically, it seems AWS Exposes a Custom Endpoint for publishing

Using the canonical git, it works, but when using jgit, it throws an exception due to a wrong content type. Other than that, it actually works (as a new application version is thrown)

I attached some wire logs from Java into this URL:Â


Now the real questions:

a. Are those content-types mandatory?Â
b. Are there any circunventing options?

(btw, the culprit is atÂhttps://bitbucket.org/aldrinleal/beanstalker/src/4a1d99cc560cde3957a6140cad802efbc22a88a3/beanstalk-maven-plugin/src/main/java/br/com/ingenieux/mojo/beanstalk/bundle/FastDeployMojo.java - Don't comment my Porcelain API Skills - I know its awful, to saw the least - But this is worth another couple of emails)

Thank you

-- Aldrin Leal, <aldrin@xxxxxxxxxxx> / http://meadiciona.com/aldrinleal