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[jgit-dev] jGit memory management and optimizations


I'm just starting to look at jGit but from my small tests, it is extremely liberal with RAM.

I haven't yet analyzed the source code itself very much but I'll start with a simple questions: how does one efficiently count the commits?

RevWalkUtils.count(...) calls find(walk, start, end).size() which basically builds a huge ArrayList with all the commits. Counting by hand is better, but not by much as, it seems to consume lots of RAM even so (via the RevWalk itself, I assume).

What am I missing?

I'm starting to believe that perhaps I should read more about the Git files format ( ?) and parse that somehow directly -- at least for the whole repository, counting should be fast.

It there something inherent in the git design that makes this so RAM hungry? I realize we are doing a topological sort on a DAG, but this seems to be a rather particular kind of DAG (generally, each vertex has only one incoming/outgoing edge) and I somehow expected operations on it to be much more efficient in terms of both memory and time.

Any low-hanging fruit remaining? Perhaps some ideas about building some 'index' to speed up jgit operations?


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