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[jgit-dev] CQ for JavaEWAH in Orbit

In change 7939[1] Colby uses JavaEWAH[2], an Apache Licensed open
source library that would become a new dependency to JGit. The
performance improvements having something like this gets us are

Operation                   Index V2               Index VE003
Clone                       37530ms (524.06 MiB)     82ms (524.06 MiB)
Fetch (1 commit back)          75ms                 107ms
Fetch (10 commits back)       456ms (269.51 KiB)    341ms (265.19 KiB)
Fetch (100 commits back)      449ms (269.91 KiB)    337ms (267.28 KiB)
Fetch (1000 commits back)    2229ms ( 14.75 MiB)    189ms ( 14.42 MiB)
Fetch (10000 commits back)   2177ms ( 16.30 MiB)    254ms ( 15.88 MiB)
Fetch (100000 commits back) 14340ms (185.83 MiB)   1655ms (189.39 MiB)

Chris, can you work on the CQ and get this into Orbit?


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