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[jgit-dev] [Announce] Gitblit 1.1.0 (and 1.0.0)

I has occurred to me that I neglected to announce 1.0.0 here.  Sorry
about that.

1.0.0 Highlights include:
* LDAP integration
* Expose JGit settings for configuration
* Web/Manager editable, per-repository custom properties for Groovy hook
* Responsive layout in web ui to improve usability on tablets and phones
(super cool! thanks Twitter!)
* Fixes to Lucene search including eliminating duplicate entries and
fixes to blob encodings
* Added Spanish translation
* Added Polish translation
* Many small bug fixes
* Update to latest Twitter Bootstrap
* Update to JGit 2.0.0
* Other dependency maintenance updates

1.1.0 Highlights include:
* Repository list caching to improve setups with many, many repositories
* Submodule support (might be preliminary if someone points out some
case I did not consider)
* New authorization control to allow restricted access to any
AUTHENTICATED user (original named team / named user permissions now
referred to as the NAMED authorization control)
* Real raw page for plain text.  The raw page should alternatively
pop-up a download dialog on binary files in browsers.
* Blob page now displays images
* Lots of small bug fixes
* Added Korean translation

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