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[jgit-dev] CRD (Cross-Repo-Dependency) support for JGit


Currently I'm working on a feature for Gerrit to support CRD (Cross-Repo-Dependency). CRD is about changes/commits
destined for separeate refs, but somehow only make sense together and therefor should be merged together.

To support atomicity, all affected refs have to be locked simultaneously. And if all changes/commits could be merged
succesfully unlock them... unfortunately JGit only supports locking of a single ref using RefUpdate and LockFile classes...  

I want to enhance JGit and contribute a support for updating multiple refs. Want kind of solutions are possible? I do not want to come
up with a solution that is only available in Gerrit since I think this feature might also be interesting for other projects using JGit.

I welcome your comments and suggestions on that topic.

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