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[jgit-dev] Need reviews please...


The list of patches I'm maintaining for our company is getting longer and longer. May i request some aid in reviewing (at least the quick-wins)?

 ApplyPatchCommand related - those are really small and to the point fixes (directory and newline handling):

 Checkout Conflict related - those break the API, so IDK whether you want them in (sooner or later). But it improves the situation a lot in terms of usability.

 Refreshing of changed resources - only refresh what really changed, which improves performance.
 Cleaning - i know the EGit side is not really ready and needs some love, but the JGit change should be in a rather good shape

There is more, but that's either not so important for us, or in active review/improvement cycles anyway. I'm on vacation for the next two weeks, so there is no need to hurry over the weekend ;)

Regards and Thanks in advance!

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