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[jgit-dev] MissingObjectException during merge?

Hi, I could use some help on debugging a MissingObjectException that
occurs during a merge.  This is causing Gerrit to show a merge commit
as having all files added [1].  I'm far from a jgit expert and could
use a hand.

Most of the time I have seen/debugged this issue, it has been caused
by a recursive merge, which is unsupported by jgit [2].  However, in
this case, it is definitely not a recursive merge.  The stack trace
which causes jgit to not compute the merge:, int) line: 126	
ObjectDirectory(ObjectDatabase).open(AnyObjectId, int) line: 176	
FileRepository(Repository).open(AnyObjectId, int) line: 273	
ResolveMerger.getRawText(ObjectId, Repository) line: 714	
ResolveMerger.contentMerge(CanonicalTreeParser, CanonicalTreeParser,
CanonicalTreeParser) line: 540
ResolveMerger.processEntry(CanonicalTreeParser, CanonicalTreeParser,
CanonicalTreeParser, DirCacheBuildIterator, WorkingTreeIterator) line:
ResolveMerger.mergeImpl() line: 192	
ResolveMerger(Merger).merge(AnyObjectId...) line: 175	
ResolveMerger(ThreeWayMerger).merge(AnyObjectId...) line: 108	

Unfortunately this is showing up in a closed-source repository.  I
know the sha1 of the object ID jgit is trying to open - how can I
debug further?



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