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[jgit-dev] Commits and tags

Hi, All !

I'm using jgit from org.eclipse.jgit_2.0.0.201206121211.jar. Could
anybody please to help me to solve issue ?

I need to find last tagged commit in my branch.
doesn't help me because git.tagList().call() returns List<Ref> instead

As far as I understand, I can get reference to tagged RevCommit by
tagRef.getPeeledObjectId(). Am I right ?

So, I created RevWalk by code:

Ref ref = gitRepository.getRef(Constants.HEAD);
RevWalk walk = new RevWalk(gitRepository);
for (RevCommit commit : walk) {

I have correct list of commits from latest to earlier, and I want to
compare each commit with tags. I retrieved tags by
gitRepository.getTags(). Refs in this map pointed to tag, not to
commit. Just like in .git/refs/tags/* files. But for all tags in this
map, tagRef.getPeeledObjectID() is always null.

After that, I runned "git gc" from command line, then it moved tags to
.git/packed-refs file. After that, tagRef.getPeeledObjectId() contains
correct ID for commit.

So, am I using correct algorithm for find last tagged commit ? Why
tagRef.getPeeledObjectId() works only after "git gc" ? Is it jgit bug

BTW, I created tags by JGit.

WBR, Alex.

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