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[jgit-dev] Do not submit new changes to stable-2.0, I will start tagging RC2 now

Please do not submit new changes to stable-2.0 in the next 2 hours.
I am going to tag RC2 now in order to get a first contribution to Juno
out of the door (we are already late, RC2 should be in by 5pm Eastern
but I announced on the cross list that we will be late today).

I disabled JGit tests on Hudson to get this through as we still don't
have a solution for the JGit http tests hanging on some machines [1]
and also hanging on main Hudson (on sandbox Hudson they worked).
So everybody should test JGit locally for stable-2.0 until we have a 
solution for that. In the worst case we'll have to revert a few changes
for Juno.



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