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Re: [jgit-dev] preparing 2.0

2012/5/23 Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I created release branch stable-2.0 for JGit and EGit repositories
and I will create the IP logs this evening (CEST timezone). and friends will most likely make
it into 2.0 as at least the tests on Mac are fine.

Other than that no more contributions from non-committers for 2.0
are possible as we need to freeze the IP log now.

Push any committer changes which should reach 2.0 to 
refs/for/stable-2.0 and close the corresponding changes targetting 

I noticed you have a number of duplicate changes pending in review for both 
master and stable-2.0. If a change is targeting 2.0 please abandon the sibling 
for master, since this reduces chances for mistakes on my side and simplifies 
merging back changes accepted on stable-2.0 to master as soon. I will care 
for these merges. Let me know if I miss something.

When retargeting changes from master to stable-2.0 which have dependencies 
ensure that all needed dependencies are also retargeted. And keep in mind
no more contributions from non-committers on stable-2.0 since the IP log for 2.0
is finalized.


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