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[jgit-dev] what's cooking for 2.0

I just submitted the IP logs for 2.0. So do not submit non-committer
changes to stable-2.0 anymore.

Today I submitted the following changes on stable-2.0
Ifc4bfbb3 Update Jetty to 8.1.3.v20120416 (MERGED)
I462e4a35 Define target platforms for the build (MERGED)
Ia4eb34fe Add support for Eclipse-SourceReferences header (MERGED)

The first two were necessary to enable building the last one which
the Eclipse platform team desperately was waiting for.

This implies a different Eclipse setup compared to what we had so far
since Eclipse-SourceReference support needs Juno platform which
we weren't yet able to build against. The new setup is preliminarily 
described in bug 380302. I will update the contributor guide soon.

We found that a number of tests is broken on Windows due to files being
locked when tests try to cleanup. We need to fix them.

On Juno there is still no proper SWTBot support as SWTBot isn't
yet fully ported to Eclipse 4.2. My patches [1] have been accepted
but SWTBot's test suite doesn't yet pass so there is no installation
yet. I'll try a dev build as soon as it is available.

We now also have separate build jobs for stable-2.0, they are not
yet fully configured, I will let you know when this is done.

We also want to get the API breaking changes fixing JGit 
exception handling in for 2.0:


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