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[jgit-dev] countdown for 2.0 and Juno

Here the schedule for the 2.0 release and shipment with Juno.

Juno schedules [1]:
- deadline for getting IP Logs in for Juno is May 23/2012.Â
- deadline for review materials is June 6/2012.
- starting next week there are weekly release candidates for the release train
- last chance to contribute a new JGit/EGit version to Juno (RC 4 +3) is on June 13
- Juno shipment is on June 27

JGit / EGit schedule:
- May 21: Âfork stable-2.0 release branch, create and publish IP logs,
         after IP logs have been sent to EMO we can only accept
         committer changes on stable-2.0 branch in order to not
         invalidate the IP logs.
- June 6: Â create 2.0 release, publish release review document
         this leaves us one week buffer in case something goes wrong
- June 13: joint Juno release review