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[jgit-dev] IMPORTANT update of contribution rules for changes contributed via Gerrit

Wayne published detailed rules how contributions from non-committers
are to be handled when received via Gerrit [1]. 

The difference to the process we used so far is in section 4:

4. Contributor asserts on the corresponding bug or in a comment on the Gerrit push 
record that they:
- authored 100% the content they are contributing
- have the rights to donate the content to EPL
- contribute the content under the EPL

Up to now we only did that on changes over 250 LOCs which
need a CQ to get IP approval from the legal team. Effective
immediately we now have to also record these assertions for
smaller contributions coming from non-committers. The same
assertions are needed if a contribution comes via a patch
attached to a Bugzilla bug.

There is a proposal to further simplify this process following a similar
approach as the one used by the linux kernel project using Signed-off-by
tags [2], but this is still under discussion with the legal team.

Please ensure that you follow the guidelines given in [1] starting from now on.
I updated the contributor guide accordingly [3].

[2] section 12) "Sign your work" in


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