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[jgit-dev] Large Objects


Currently, 80 developers came to a screeching halt because somebody managed to push a 127Mb file. We managed to get Gerrit back to working order by following [1]. Still all developers cannot checkout, since jgit completely hangs (* not true, see below) when checking out this file

* jgit actually does not hang. it spends huuuuge amounts of time reading the file from the pack [2]. since the file isLarge(), it uses the fixed 8k buffer in a loop, with another 8k buffer on top, reading junks of (so it seems) 4-20 bytes. I let it run all night today, and it managed to checkout half the file (~64Mb) in 12 hours!

I need a quick and dirty solution to get around the problem to get all devs back on track. I played with streamFileThreshold, as that helped on the Gerrit server, but it seems to have no effect on local JGit. Any other thing i can do? And if it's changing a constant in jgit source for now, i'm happy too!

[2] Thread [ModalContext] (Suspended)	
	Inflater.inflateBytes(long, byte[], int, int) line: not available [native method]	
	Inflater.inflate(byte[], int, int) line: 255[], int, int) line: 152	
	InflaterInputStream.skip(long) line: 208	
	BufferedInputStream.skip(long) line: 366	
	ObjectStream$Filter.skip(long) line: 199	
	IO.skipFully(InputStream, long) line: 327	
	LargePackedDeltaObject$2(DeltaStream).seekBase() line: 339	
	LargePackedDeltaObject$2(DeltaStream).read(byte[], int, int) line: 213	
	BufferedInputStream.read1(byte[], int, int) line: 273[], int, int) line: 334[], int, int) line: 111	
	LargePackedDeltaObject$1(ObjectStream$Filter).read(byte[], int, int) line: 209	
	LargePackedDeltaObject$1(InputStream).read(byte[]) line: 101	
	LargePackedDeltaObject(ObjectLoader).copyTo(OutputStream) line: 254	
	DirCacheCheckout.checkoutEntry(Repository, File, DirCacheEntry, ObjectReader) line: 961	
	DirCacheCheckout.doCheckout() line: 447	
	DirCacheCheckout.checkout() line: 381 line: 174	
	GitRepositoryUtils.cloneRepository(File, URIish, String, boolean, IProgressMonitor, List<PostCloneTask>) line: 235	
	CloneRepositoryDialog$ line: 155	
	ModalContext$ line: 121	


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