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[jgit-dev] [Announce] Gitblit 0.9.1

Gitblit v0.9.1 released.

There was a last minute fix to v0.9.0 after it was tagged and uploaded
which necessitated the v0.9.1 tag.

Highlights include...
* Optional Lucene search integration (issue 16).  This works pretty well
and is a better alternative to the classic commit-traversal search. 
Initial indexing can be memory exhaustive so feed your Gitblit a healthy
heap.  On my Win7 development machine (quad-core i7, 8GB ram, 2 years
old) I can index the master branch of the Linux repository in just under
2 mins: 280,000+ commits, 37,700+ files.
* Fixed session fixation security bug (issue 62)
* Improvements for using Gitblit in distributed/adhoc scenarios (issue
* Timezone inconsistencies have been eliminated
* Optional Gitblit timezone which is independent  of the system timezone
(issue 54)
* Built-in AJP connector for Gitblit GO (issue 59)
* Allow default branch selection
* Extended commit age coloring from 2 days to 30 days (issue 57)
* Activity page now shows all branches (issue 73)
* Some git notes were skipped by Gitblit (issue 70)
* Lots of small fixes

Technology Preview...
This release also features a new Groovy script from Philip McMahon:
protect-refs.groovy.  This script builds on the blockpush.groovy
prototype which was in the Gitblit sources but remained undeployed in
v0.8.x.  Protect-refs.groovy moves Gitblit a little closer to having
fine-grained controls like Gitolite (issue 36) but there is still a ways
to go on that front.

full details @

Special Thanks...
Thank you to Shawn and Kevin for helping me specify/develop the Lucene
initial-indexing algorithm.

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