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Re: [jgit-dev] MissingObjectException in History and when Branching

On 03/18/2012 03:12 PM, Robin Stocker wrote:
> Markus Duft wrote:
>> Hey!
>> i have a strange behaviour with the current jgit/egit duo. Sometimes
>> (in my EGit development workspace), when just doing some branching and
>> merging, i get MissingObjectExceptions (even after a clean restart of
>> eclipse they appear rather quick). i have attached a log export, maybe
>> somebody can have a look at it?
>> what i'm doing: i have multiple changes for jgit and egit (you all
>> know them from gerrit :D), which i rebase and then merge into a
>> integration branch to distribute a build of jgit/egit in-house. while
>> doing so, at random points these exceptions appear. i can continue as
>> long as it's "only" the history view that throws, but shortly after
>> history breaks down, i cannot even switch branches anymore... any
>> ideas?
> Maybe you are also experiencing this bug?:

may be the same thing, yes. additionally after this happens, jgit seems very confused in various places (i.e. i cannot commit, i cannot push, i cannot rebase; all fail with missing object exceptions (mostly "missing tree foo"). Now that you say it, it only happens in my jgit/egit workspace (where i have more than one repo in the workspace).


> Sadly I couldn't yet find a way to reproduce it.
> Regards,
>   Robin Stocker

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