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[jgit-dev] Release 1.3 ahead; 2.0 release planned for Juno

Release JGit / EGit 1.3 is coming closer, we agreed withÂ
Wayne to have the release review on Feb 15 in order
to reach Indigo SR2. This meansÂwe need an approvedÂ
IP log and release documentation one week earlier

So I will fork stable-1.3 soon (Tuesday or Wednesday)
and then submit theÂIP logs for review. Contributor patches
which should reach 1.3 should be ideally submitted before
I submit the IP logs so that these don't get invalidated.

Next release after 1.3 will be 2.0 which we plan to tag for Juno
in June. We are going to bump the versions to 2.0 in order
to include a couple of incompatible JGit API changes mostly
around exception handling.

Authors of incompatible changes for JGit 2.0 please link your
proposed changes and individual bugs to

Candidates I am aware of are (add the incompatible changes
you are working on for 2.0 to the mentioned bug 369461):

Bug 366914 - Git api does not declare GitAPIException in throws clause of call() method

Bug 349366 - CloneOperation throws generic JGitInternalException instead of specific exception

Bug 323182 - Make MergeResult easier to work with

Bug 356922 - Remove ambiguous CheckoutConflictException

Bug 305347 - Change JGit exceptions to be their own top-level checked type that isn't IOException

Bug 314457 - JGit porcelain API should be able to report progress

Bug 356918 - Fast-forward merge fails with JGitInternalException when work tree is dirty
(not sure if this is incompatible)