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[jgit-dev] [Announce] Gitblit 0.8.0

Gitblit v0.8.0 release highlights
 * Groovy push hook script mechanism
 * Push email notifications via sendmail.groovy post-receive hook
 * ConfigUserService (users.conf) replaces FileUserService
 * Aggregate repository activity page
 * Selectable filters for the Repositories page and the Activity page
 * Teams to simplify management of user-repository access rights
 * Gravatar integration
 * Empty Repository page
 * Copy-to-clipboard feature for the primary repository url
 * Automatic "pages" link for a repository with a gh-pages branch

Based on JGit 1.2.0, although I have not tried to (directly) use the new
GitFilter and serve repositories on the root.  I'll experiment with that

full details @

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