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[jgit-dev] release 1.2 ahead

I prepared the 1.2 documentation update [1] and pushed it for review.
Please review that one since we need it for the release.

Unfortunately some contributor refactored the wiki into several pages
which broke the documentation build and a large number of hyper-links.
In order to get 1.2 ready before looking into this I updated the documentation
in a semi-manual way.

I think I will find the time to tag 1.2 somewhen tomorrow afternoon CET. 

There are still a couple of committer changes pending for 1.2 [2] which 
could still make it into the release if some committers find the time to 
review them:
- Robin's series for crlf handling :
  "Implement core.safecrlf handling"
  "Add source and destination counters for the autocrlf streams"
  "Support more of AutoCRLF"
- "Improve abysmal performance of commit info update in history view"
- "Validate paths during DirCheckout"

The following changes seem to need more time to finish or
they are blocked since we don't want to invalidate the already
approved IP logs:
- "Fix positioning of lanes in PlotCommitList"
- "Fix broken TagCommand API"
  "Make the Tag command list tags when no arguments are given"
- "Allow to list tags with org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.Tag"



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