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Re: [jgit-dev] release 1.2 ahead

2011/12/3 Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2011/12/2 Robin Rosenberg <robin.rosenberg@xxxxxxxxxx>
Chris Aniszczyk skrev 2011-11-29 17.40:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 5:32 AM, Matthias Sohn
> <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>> Release JGit / EGit 1.2 is coming closer, we agreed with
>> Wayne to have the release review on Dec 21. This means
>> we need an approved IP log and release documentation
>> until Dec 14.
>> So I will fork stable-1.2 soon (Wednesday or Thursday)
>> and then submit the IP logs for review. Contributor patches
>> which should reach 1.2 should be ideally submitted before
>> I submit the IP logs so that these don't get invalidated.
> Before we release 1.2, does anyone have stuff they want in 1.2?

Here is an API bug.

That's easy to fix if we don't consider that fixing it would
involve breaking the API. Would that be ok? The API iself is part of
the bug here.

I think we should fix this as currently this is a broken API 

This one is a similar case where the JGit API was correct but the implementation
threw the wrong exception which led to a subtle bug in EGit using that
fixes for this are pending in review,4682,4683 

It's not clear to me if fixing such bugs would require to bump the first digit in
JGit's version number.
@Alex, Chris: any advise on this question ?


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