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Re: [jgit-dev] Memory usage for PackedObjectInfo


Thanks for your answer.

> This is only 20M of data. The average size of PackedObjectInfo on your
> JVM is only 44 bytes. Native C Git might need more, I just estimated
> the size of the same data structure to be 60 bytes per
> PackedObjectInfo equivalent struct. So I think we are doing pretty
> good on memory usage here in JGit.


>> Is it possible to lower memory usage or bypass jgit and directly write
>> the pack to disk?

> Increase your JVM heap with the -Xmx flags (or whatever works for your JVM).

I am playing with an Android frontend so I don't know whether
increasing the heap is a good idea.

Building an index file for a large pack file on a smartphone seems to
need an out-of-core algorithm.


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