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[jgit-dev] [Announce] Gitblit 0.7.0

A little delayed (2 weeks) but better late than never.  :)

Lot's of changes in this release aside from the usual bug fixes and
performance improvements.  I updated the style of the ui with Twitter's
Bootstrap css toolkit; it is still mostly plain html but now it has a
more appealing look.  I added a JSON RPC interface, a Java Client
RSS/JSON API library (bundled with gson and rome), and an example Swing
Management tool which exercises many of RSS/JSON services.

One Wish...

If I had one wish for the JGit 1.2 release it would be for JGit to
disregard hostname mismatches if ssl checks are disabled.

Aside from this affecting Gitblit https serving, I also ran into this
client-side with the recent outage.  I think moved
to GitHub for a while but had some sort of proxy/redirect interface
setup so that fetches to got relayed to GitHub.  EGit/JGit
refused to fetch updates during this period because of the difference in
hostname of the signed certificate vs. the actual hostname of the


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