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[jgit-dev] Fwd: Migrating from Jgit 1.0 to 1.1


I'm working in a project with Jgit 1.0 and I want to migrate to 1.1, but I'm stuck in one problem. Let me explain the workflow:

1) Let's assume that in my remote there are 3 branches: master, b1 and b2.
2) With 1.0, I clone remote repository with clonecommand passing the branch "master". This way my local repository is created and the local branch "master" is linked to the remote master.
        CloneCommand cc = Git.cloneRepository();
        cc.setDirectory(new File(localRepoPath));
        cc.setBranch("refs/heads/" + remoteBranch);

With JGit 1.0, I could run clonecommand again  in the same local repository that already exists passing "refs/heads/b1", and a local branch is created linked to remote. But in 1.1 an error occurs, saying that I cannot clone into a folder that already exists and is not empty. What do I have to do? All I want is to checkout in a branch that not exists locally, but it has to track the remote branch and have the same name. 

ps: With original git command line, if i checkout in a branch that not exist locally but exists in remote, it is automatically created locally and linked to remote

Thanks in advance,

Eduardo Falcão

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