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[jgit-dev] Agit - Git client for Android

Hi there - hopefully without being too spammy, I thought you might like to know that I've released Agit, my Git client for Android  - which of course uses JGit for all it's git-related heavy-lifting:

The code is up on github and there's also a short demo up on youtube if you'd like to see what it looks like:

I'm particularily proud of the animated diffs that gently transition from Before to After, and back again :-)

The app only supports clone & fetch at the moment - no commit or push, because I haven't had the time to build all the user interface around that - but I reckon implementing pinch-gesture-branch-merge would be fun!

I'd like to thank the JGit community for being so helpful, producing a great library, and especially accepting patches that allowed JGit to run on devices with very severely restricted memory ;-)


From: Sebastián Ventura <lomegor@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 4 April 2011 12:35
Subject: Re: [jgit-dev] GSOC 2011 Git
To: jgit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Wow, ok. That's great! The main reason I wanted to do this project was
because I was needing Git on my android (phone) to check some code out
and do minor fixes if I needed.
I'll be expecting your release.

Thank you all!
Sebastián Ventura

On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 9:17 PM, Roberto Tyley <roberto.tyley@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is probably a good time to disclose that I'm actually writing an
> Android client for Git, and have been for the past few months! I'm planning
> to release it in a couple of weeks time - sorry, I didn't realise this was
> one of the proposals for the GSOC, otherwise I would have piped up sooner...
> It's been an interesting challenge, especially given the memory-constraints
> of Android devices - some of the early problems I ran into needed patches to
> JGit help reduce memory consumption, like I1d9b3a8b & I862afd4c - which
> happily ended up being beneficial in general, not just to googlephones :-)
> best regards,
> Roberto

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