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[jgit-dev] LsRemoteCommand

Hi list,

I'm trying to implement git-ls-remote[1] in jgit. Basically everything necessary should be in place (i.e. FetchProcess and Transport). I uploaded my implementation to which basically works but fails if I only want to grab the remote tags.

I'm currently wondering what exactly is wrong so here are my suggestions

1.) In FetchProcess#executeImp() a variable "matched" is filled. This variable seems to hold exactly what I want, but this variable is simply gone after the method finished.

2.) My RefSpec ("refs/tags/*:refs/remotes/origin/tags/*") for fetching tags might be bogus. I'm not familiar with RefSpecs yet, but I thought this might be "The Right Thing (tm)". This refspec causes that none of the tags added to machted (see 1.) are added to askFor because they already exist locally.

Can someone point me out on what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks in advance,
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