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[jgit-dev] Performance problems with retrieving changesets

Hi All,

we have sometimes performance problems when retrieving scm changesets. The code looks like this:
  RevWalk walk = new RevWalk(localRepository);
  AnyObjectId changesetId = localRepository.resolve(ref);
  if (changesetId != null) {
  RevCommit commit = walk.parseCommit(changesetId);
return createChangeSetFromCommit(, fileSet, true, true, calculateBranches, null, null);

In createChangeSetFromCommit() we get the information we need from the commit object. For example: author name, commit date etc. The list of changed files is gained in these three lines:
  ChangedFilesWalker walker = new ChangedFilesWalker(fileSet.getFileList(), commit);
  return walker.getChangedFiles();

It seems that everything is OK with the code, however sometimes the execution takes many seconds (especially for changesets with many changed files). Do you have any ideaas how this can be made faster? Is there an other/easier way of getting changesets?

Thanks in advance,
Ákos Tajti 

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