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Re: [jgit-dev] git diff-index and both deleted conflict

Oops, wrong mailing list, sorry all.

On Friday 11 March 2011 19:44:34 Dmitry Pavlenko wrote:
> Hello all,
> Could you advise me the fastest way to check in my script
> that there's "no local changes in the repository (in the working tree and
> index)" so that I could perform "git rebase" there?
> git svn dcommit" should check for the same because it performs rebase.
> "git svn dcommit" calls "git diff-index HEAD".
> According to the documentation "git diff-index HEAD" performs the check I
> need. But I've discovered that in the case of "both deleted" conflict "git
> diff-index HEAD" outputs nothing but rebase still doesn't want to run.
> So, at least either "git diff-index HEAD" or its documentation and
> "git-svn" should be fixed, I think.
> And I'm still asking for the fastest method that could predict that working
> tree and index are clean, no conflict, and I can run "git rebase".
> A simple script to generate "both deleted":
> #!/bin/sh
> git init
> touch foo
> git add foo
> git commit -m 'initial commit'
> git checkout -b tmp
> git mv foo X
> git commit -m 'rename to X'
> git checkout -
> git mv foo Y
> git commit -m 'rename to Y'
> git merge tmp
> git add Y
> git rm X

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