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[jgit-dev] Verification builds on all proposed changes

With the help from Robert Sandell (author of gerrit-trigger hudson plugin [1]) 
and webmaster we succeeded to configure hudson to now run verification
builds on all proposed changes for jgit. Hudson will vote in category 
"Verify" on all changes (-1 if build or tests fail, +1 if build and tests succeed).
See [2] for an example where this worked the first time.

At the moment it still puts wrong links into the gerrit comments which point to
the productive hudson but these jobs run on sandbox hudson as the gerrit-trigger
plugin didn't yet get certified by the webmasters to be stable enough for prime time.

So until this is fixed and you see a link in gerrit comment like
translate that to 

This problem is tracked in [3]. Let me know if you experience any problems
with this build job.

If this proves to work well I will configure a similar job for egit.



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