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Re: [jgit-dev] Bug in TreeWalk.forPath (?)

> You are missing something.

Thanks for the answer. However, I am afraid that this is not the case, see below:

>>        String repo = "/home/gousiosg/test"; //Clone of
>> git://
>>        Repository local = new FileRepository(repo);
>>        FileMode a = null, b = null;
>>        RevWalk rw = new RevWalk(local);
>>        ObjectId treeId =
>> local.resolve("5df04c8b946ef9c1f31bf8e722a9262b512c1928");
>>        RevTree tree = rw.parseTree(treeId);
>>        final TreeWalk walk = new TreeWalk(local);
>>        walk.setRecursive(false);
> Here you have disabled recursive walking. This means the TreeWalk will
> only scan the top level tree, and will *not* dive into subdirectories.

5df04... is not a commit id but a tree id, which points to test/files/ in version b18bca3b853dee6a7bc... which I am also using for the forPath() method initialisation below

macbook:ruby-git gousiosg$ git ls-tree 5df04c8b946ef9c1f31bf8e722a9262b512c1928
100644 blob 3f1679d5fdccd9ea5a61bef7f964ee46617cb5c5	index
040000 tree 84b4d1f7f675ea752e9edcb5ff515f3c12602ec8	working.git
040000 tree e8bd03b163f82fba4560c11839d49361a78dec85	working

With the above piece of code I am starting a treewalk and rooting it to tree id 5df04... I actually copied this piece of code from JGit's CLI IIRC.

>>        walk.addTree(tree);
>>        while ( {
>>            String pathstr = walk.getPathString();
>>            if (pathstr.equals("working")) {
> Here you have matched an item in the top level tree that is named
> "working".  This is *not* test/files/working, this is just plain old
> working.  Which happens to be a TREE:

There is no "working" top level directory in the revision (b18bca3b...) I am working with. See

>>        assertEquals(a, FileMode.TREE);
>>        RevCommit c =
>> rw.parseCommit(local.resolve("b18bca3b853dee6a7bc86f09921aa3b1ee3f3d7b"));
>>        TreeWalk tw = TreeWalk.forPath(local, "tests/files/working",
>> c.getTree());
> This is a file called "working", in the "files" subdirectory, of the
> "tests" subdirectory of the top level.  Because you handed a path with
> / in it, TreeWalk.forPath setRecursive(true) automatically and was
> able to dive into the "tests" subdirectory when it was found, and then
> the "files" subdirectory, and then found "working" as a file and
> returned it.

It is actually a directory, see the git output above and this:


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