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[jgit-dev] RevWalk not iterating over any commits

Hello jgit devs,

the API of RevWalk is quite ambiguous. When creating a RevWalk from a Repository, shouldn't that RevWalk contain all commits of that repository, or at least any? The constructor taking a Repository does not state this.

When I create a RevWalk from a repository which has many branches and commits and then use it in a for each loop, the loop is left instantly as if there were no commits. However, when supplying a commit hash to revWalk.parseCommit(<HASH>), then the commit is found.

So what am I doing wrong here? I want to loop over all commits of a repository, prefarrably in a chronological order. Can you tell me how to do this best (since RevWalk seems not to do it)?

Here is an example stating my problem:

Repository repo = ...;
RevWalk walk = new RevWalk(repo);
for(RevCommit c : walk){
    System.out.println("contains a commit."); //Not shown!
MutableObjectId commitId = new MutableObjectId();
Object c2 = walk.parseCommit(commitId);
if(c2 != null){
    System.out.println("specific commit found."); //Shown

the specific commit is found, looping over the walk does nothing. Also calling next() manually yields null.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,
Jan Finis

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