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Re: [jgit-dev] Performance of commit preparation

20 okt 2010 kl. 17:15 skrev Baumgart, Jens:

> We are currently investigating the issue that Team->commit in EGit is slow for big repos.
> Team->commit uses IndexDiff to determine what was changed in the repository. This seems to be the same task as is performed when calling git commit in native git (git commit also figures out what is modified, untracked etc.).
> The tree walk over repo, workdir and index takes 23 seconds (with empty while loop) for our test repo (linux kernel).
> Git commit from native git takes 7 seconds. Is this a realistic relation from C to Java or is there improvement left in the tree walk that calculates the changes? Implementation looks as follows:

Can you trace accesses to the file system and see if file data or stats are access more than necessary?

-- robin

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