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[jgit-dev] is a detached HEAD a symbolic reference?


I always thought that HEAD is always a "symbolic ref" and Ref.isSymbolic
should tell me true on HEAD. But that's not true. If we have checked out
a commit (not a branch) then isSymbolic tells me false. Is that correct?

Loelingers book "Version Control with Git" tells that a symref is
indirectly points
to an git object. If HEAD points to a SHA1 and that SHA1 points to an object
isn't that indirect enough?

If the answer is "Works as designed. If we have a detached HEAD that HEAD
is not a symref" then comes the next question: How should we call the node
in EGit's Repository View where list HEAD. Currently it's called
"Symbolic References"
and consequently if we checkout a commit the HEAD references vanishes from this
view. That's a bug.


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