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Re: [jgit-dev] Questions about org.eclipse.jgit.lib.Tag

Chris Aniszczyk <caniszczyk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Why is there a setAuthor() and setTagger() when they point to the same
> object? Is this just an API goof since they point to the same
> PersonIdent?

Frick if I know.

{get,set}Author() should be removed from Tag.
> Also, I believe messages in Tag's are optional... if so...
> org.eclipse.jgit.lib.ObjectInserter.format(Tag) is expecting a
> non-null message otherwise we get an NPE. Should ObjectInserter be
> updated to handle the case of an optional message?

Yes.  This is a bug in ObjectInserter.  Its a simple fix:

  if (tag.getMessage() != null)

Of course we also want a test... :-)

Also, FWIW, the tagger is optional.  Historical accident.  We might
want to be a bit more lenient in ObjectInserter.format() and allow
formatting a tag without a tagger.  But your new TagCommand should
require the tagger to be present.  Basically we want tags to have
a tagger field, but its not really an error to not have one, so we
should permit the lower-level code to do that if its demanded by
the caller.


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