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Local file system abstraction still a work in progress ? (was: [jgit-dev] Using JGit in Google AppEngine)

Since I read (Git repo on Google AppEngine), I've in mind to implement a git bare repository with its smart http transport on GAE(Java).

I didn't dive into Git / JGit internals before, so I began to learn how git is working and especially the smart http protocol.

Now that I'm back to the code, I was wondering if Shawn's refactoring was a finished job (to abstract the local file system) ?

Why this question ?
Bcz ASAIU, a lot of "interesting" code is present in the jgit.transport package but this package is still coupled with the local file system.
For example, the IndexPack class could be nearly reused as it is on GAE, but it use File and FileOutputstream to store packs and pack indexes ...

So I would like to know if there are some work in progress on this topic or if it is considered nearly finished and so if I could modestly try to contribute and propose my own refactoring.

BTW, my goal is to provide a "GAE ready" library under GPLv3, but as IANAL, I would like to know also if this is possible as I would provide something that embed / is linked to jgit ?



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