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[jgit-dev] Remote to remote transfer -- without a file system

I'm trying to find a way to push changes in a github repository to a heroku repository. For the purposes of this discussion they are remote git repos over which I have no control regarding setup etc. 

Normally I would create a git repository and then add the github and heroku remotes. Then I could fetch from github and push to heroku. simple. Here's the tricky bit; I want to do this on a 3rd host that doesn't have access to a file system (god bless the cloud). 

My current thinking is that I may be able to use jgit to pull from one remote and pipe this into a push without ever having creating a repository. I realise that I'm going to need to go fairly low level to do this. At this point I'm looking to see if

A - if there's any technical reason that makes it impossible?
B - pointers to get started with the jgit source

I haven't been able to find the source code on the eclipse jgit site so I'm currently using the version that's kept at This seems fairly up to date, is this the correct repo?


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