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[jgit-dev] JGit: Missing support for submodules - follow up

>The following bugs appear to be related to the missing submodule support in JGit/EGit:



>and perhaps



>Since submodule support does not seem to be very high on our priority list, we should at least

>have a more meaningful Exception in the stack trace than the current NullPointerException.


>I pushed,1083 to achieve this, but am not sure if this

>Is the right approach. Would be great to get some opinions about this.



Sorry to bother again, but I would like to try again and get a status on this. Shawn has added a

comment to the change above to the effect that we rather should implement submodule support

instead of throwing an Exception when submodules are encountered.

I perfectly agree with him, but as far as I know, there is currently

no activity in this area. For the time being, I would suggest the following:


1. we promote bug 314853 to a feature request

2. we point the other bugs to that one as duplicate

3. we use the code changes proposed below to inform the end users about the
missing feature so that they won't have to create new bugs


Does this make sense? Or is someone already working on this?




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