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[jgit-dev] New milestone... one less dependency on C Git

With rename detection being merged in, our Gerrit Code Review
instance has been upgraded to a version that no longer forks out to
C Git.  I think we can finally start to say that the JGit project
is now completely self-hosted [1,2].

(Prior to today, Gerrit had to fork to C Git to generate the
 list of files that were changed, and to get their hunks for
 the side-by-side viewer.  Now we do it in-process with JGit.)

[1] I still have to run C Git's `git gc` every once in a while,
    because we don't have a `jgit gc` program yet.  Hopefully it
    will soon.

[2] Our git:// is still C Git, and our gitweb is
    still C Git.  I don't use those often so I'm ignoring them.


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