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Re: [jgit-dev] Strange failing tests under Linux which go through when debugging

2010/7/12 Christian Halstrick <christian.halstrick@xxxxxxxxx>

Robin pointed me to a problem that through JGIT commit
4be88168b69465cc our ReadTreeTest don't work anymore. The situation is
so strange that I ask whether somebody has faced/solved that problem.
I am reading a Index through GitIndex and it
- works on windows
- works on Linux (Ubuntu), OpenJDK 6b18) when I am debugging the test
- doesn't work on Linux when I running without debugging (or when
hudson runs the test). The tests fail regardless whether I run the
JUnit test from Eclipse or on cmdline through "mvn clean test"

Some timing problems when reading with GitIndex, has anybody heard about it?

Here the detail:
WorkDirCheckout_ReadTreeTest#testDirectoryFileSimple() the last
assertion fails. The last call to preScanTwoTrees finds no index entry
for "DF" when I debug ... but it finds one when I am not debugging.
Because of that the "updated" set is not filled and the assertion

Any ideas anybody?

How about the racy git problem ? It's hurting more on Linux since filesystem timestamps
come with a 1s resolution only. 


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