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Re: [jgit-dev] How to update index and working-tree?

Hi Shawn,

if I feed a NameConflictTreeWalk with CanonicalTreeParsers (for head
and merge) and a DirCacheBuildIterator for the index then
DirCacheBuildIterator will also report entries for trees. But these
tree entries don't have a sha1 computed. Means: I can't compare the
index tree with e.g. a tree in head to properly act on D/F conflicts.
Is there an easy way to compute the SHA1 on such trees?

And even more complicated: I am also sometimes required to check
whether the tree in index is "clean" compared to the working-dir. For
this check I would need again a SHA1 for the tree in the index and the
SHA1 for the tree in the working-dir. Sounds too expensive to me
(especially the working tree). Any workarounds you can think of?


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