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[jgit-dev] Re: [egit-dev] Tagging 0.8.X

Chris Aniszczyk <caniszczyk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Are we good to tag 0.8.0 tomorrow? I've been putting EGit through the
> ringer today and I'm happy with it.

If we tag, we're tagging off the stable-0.8 branches and *not*
master.  I know a number of changes have been submitted to master
since I last did the IP logs.  The reason the stable-0.8 branch
exists is to protect the project from non-committer contributions
entering at the last minute that aren't on the IP log.

Long story short, if there are changes in master that aren't in
stable-0.8 that you want in 0.8.x, they need to be merged over or
cherry-picked, and they can't cause the IP log to change, so they
must be only from committers.
> I believe Shawn did it last time, are you planning to do the honors
> again this time around?

Sure.  I'll make sure I have my signing key handy tomorrow.

> I assume we do an v0.8.0 tag and then a v0.8.1
> and build.

No, I'll only tag 0.8.1.  There is no 0.8.0 based on the versioning
process we described earlier.  0.8.0 is the development chain for
0.8.x, because of the way OSGi version numbers work and how we want
a stable version for Maven...

> That will give us a week to make sure everything is good,
> if not we can do a quick v0.8.2 spin. We'll probably have to do that
> spin anyway once the documentation and signing stuff gets in place.



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