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[jgit-dev] Re: [egit-dev] EGit / JGit 0.8.0 Release Review

Zitat von "Chris Aniszczyk" <caniszczyk@xxxxxxxxx>:
I have scheduled a release release review for EGit and JGit on June
11th. We should stop coding at the end of this week for EGit and JGit
for 0.8.0 imho.

I have also kicked off the slides for the 0.8.0 release review:

Shawn, Matthias and I will be hacking on the slides over the next
several days. At the moment, they are a copy of what we did for 0.7.0

If you have any comments, always let us know.

Hi there,

Just a comment: On the fourth slide it says that EGit now has "Merge and tagging support". AFAIK merge support is limited to fast-forward merges, which is a pretty big limitation. So I wouldn't call this "merge support", so as not to give people the wrong expectations.

Real merge support is the only thing missing to make EGit feasible for daily work.

  Robin Stocker