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Re: [jgit-dev] RFC: How to display "detached" HEAD in Git Label Decorations

måndagen den 10 maj 2010 09.23.13 skrev  Kinzler, Mathias:
> If a remote branch or a tag is checked out, HEAD becomes "detached", i.e.
> it does not point to a local branch, but to a commit. In msysgit, the
> shell outputs some lengthy note and the prompt changes to either the
> shortened commit id with ellipsis in parentheses (in the case of a remote
> branch) or to the tag name in parentheses (in the case of a tag). In Egit,
> however, we always see the shortened branch name (without ellipsis) in the
> project label decoration (and it is shortened to just six characters
> instead of seven as in msysgit).
> How about changing EGit in such a way as to
> 1.      Show the shortened commit id with seven chars and followed by
> ellipsis (both for remote branches and tags) 2.      Add the tag name or
> the remote branch name after the shortened commit id, respectively if such
> a tag or remote branch can be found
> So the default label decoration for a project could look like:
> <> [repositoryname master]-------local branch "master"
> checked out <> [repositoryname abcdxyz...
> (remotes/origin/master)]-------remote branch "origin/master" checked out,
> commit abcdxyz... <> [repositoryname xyzabcd...
> (tags/v0.1.3)]-------tag "v0.1.3" checked out, commit xyzabcd...
> Does this make sense?

I'd suggest you do what git describe does,

[me@sleipner jgit ((0df679a...)|BISECTING)]$ git describe

-- robin

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