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[jgit-dev] RFC: Repositories View - can we drop the "Existing Projects" node?

At the moment, the "Git Repositories View" displays a node called "Existing Projects" directly under the "Repository" node. When you open this, the working directory is scanned for .project files and the projects are displayed as children of the node. Each child may have a decorator to indicate that it is imported in the workspace and an "Import" context menu entry to allow importing it into the Workspace.

When I first implemented this, I thought it was cool to be able to see all the projects without actually having to import them, but in the meantime, I learned that checking in of .project files is not always (and perhaps not even most often) the way Git is used.

I think we should drop this node altogether, as it exposes too much specifics here and it will just cutter the view if no .project files are found. In addition, there are potential performance issues when obtaining the project list as the whole working directory must potentially be scanned.

I'm looking forward to your feedback. If no one objects, I'll remove the "Existing Projects" node sometime next week.

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