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Re: [jgit-dev] JGit Client API


> It was just a suggestion and completely a matter of taste when building an
> API, I think.  I thought I'd provide another alternative, since Robin
> pointed out that finalization isn't guaranteed to be called.  Command
> builders are usually part of usability layers (something rather foreign to
> Sun and most of the JDK, unfortunately).  I like strong usability layers
> (I'm an old Smalltalk programmer).  The resources you put into building one
> can run from zero to overkill.  I tend to make layered toolkits (more
> towards overkill) rather than sparse frameworks (closer to zero and more
> like what you get from Sun).  I haven't contributed any code to JGit yet, so
> I don't expect to have much of a say in this, anyway :).

I think it's very valueable for us to get comments also from
developers have experience with building frameworks. Especially when
they bring, as your comment did, some new alternatives how to achive
certain functionality. I liked your input regarding that, but I just
wanted to concentrate the discussion on, in my eyes, more important
topics. Especially because I think that the proposal you did can be
easily added to our implementation (or to a wrapper  API) later. No
need to spent much time now.


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