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Re: [jgit-dev] Re: [git#] Cloning error

Emeric Fermas <emeric.fermas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After some investigation, it looks like the "tools/GitSharp" TreeEntry
> points to a submodule.
> AFAIK JGit doesn't support yet submodules which may explain this.
> Could anyone confirm this ?

Correct, it does not.
> However, maybe a nice NotSupportedException("submodule support is not
> implemented yet.") would have been much more explicit than a
> NullPointerException() ;-)

IIRC the code in question predates submodule support in Git itself,
and has not been touched since.  So at the time it was written,
this conditon was deemed to be impossible and thus not worthy of
an explicit exception handling.


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