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[jgit-dev] JGit history rewrite available

The history rewrite with updated file headers is now available:


git:     git://

Please inspect the headers on a few changes you know you were
involved in and verify there isn't something seriously wrong with
the copyright statements, or the header formatting.  I have taken
a quick scan through and it looks pretty good to me.

As before, I used [1] to process the headers and rewrite the commit
history.  Its somewhat heavily modified from Matthias original draft
of the script.  It takes one of my servers 7.6 hours to process if
everything is on a ramdisk.

Unless I hear an objection by mid-Tuesday PST, I am going to shutdown
Gerrit and push this rewrite in.  My intent is to save the entire
review history and database records.  To help with that the rewrite
includes the rejected patch sets of each change.



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