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Re: [jgit-dev] Re: Copyright/License Template for JGit

2010/2/17 Shawn O. Pearce <spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Shawn Pearce <sop@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sharon Corbett <sharon.corbett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Please see the following template and license information which will need to
> > be appended to all JGIT source files for Eclipse Distribution:
> JGit is not changing our header.

Time to eat my hat.  We are changing the header.

I just got off a conference call with Mike Milinkovich, Janet
Campbell, Robin Rosenberg, Matthias Sohn, and Chris Aniszczyk.
Thanks Mike for organizing it.

We managed to agree on using the following header, which was
drafted and proposed to the project by EMO.

The new header appears below[2].  The changes from the current header
is the introduction of "and other copyright owners..." below the
explicit copyright holder notices, and the entire first paragraph
was inserted "This program and the ..." before the license text.

The "and other copyright owners" sentance is to permit the project
to avoid including a copyright notice line for every single change
we accept in a file.  Rather, we only need to give explicit notice
for major contributions or rewrites.  Minor contributions will be
recorded automatically into the IP log.

The first paragraph, "This program and the accompying materials" is
a compromise.  I really don't see that the paragraph is necessary,
but EMO requested it, so we'll include it.

Mike and Janet, can you please confirm that the header template
below is acceptable?  At the end of the call there still seemed to
be a bit of question about what the "and other copyright owners"
line might look like.

Since I was the one that was so outspoken against this... I'll
take Matthias script[1], make the necessary tweaks, rewrite the
history, and update the initial CQ after I get back into the office
next Tuesday (2/23).

Let me know if I can help here.
Due to the history rewrite I'll also have to delete all current and
historical *JGit* changes out of our Gerrit Code Review database.
EGit changes will not be affected.  In theory I could try to patch
up the database onto the rewritten history, but line numbers will get
all screwed up due to the header change, so its just not worth it.

How do the pending JGit changes in git survive the history rewrite ?
After the rewrite we want them to be resurrected in the partially brain-washed
Gerrit, correct ?


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